Sara grew up swinging a stick for a sword and knew she wanted to entertain and inspire people through Television and Movies. 

While attending the Colorado Film School she met Mark Grove, and began training with his Stunt Team. Around the same time she began her journey as a martial artist, training in Ninjutsu, the art she felt she had been searching for. Through both of these disciplines she discovered she had a knack for weaponry and unarmed fighting. 

Through the Film School she developed a deeper interest in editing and producing. Skills she has put to good use by providing Production Coordination services on several indie feature films as well as assisting editing two features. 

In training with the Rocky Mountain Stunt Team she has starred in three major Indie Films, performed as a Stunt Double, assisted in special effects, Makeup FX, and prop building for many films, shorts and television shows.

When not playing awesome female leads in action films, she also plays one in real life. The highest ranking female practitioner of Kurai Kotori Ninjutsu, she spends much of her time training students in the Ninja arts along with coaching up and coming stunt performers in fight choreography, wire effects, falls and other stunt related skills.